2014 Earthheart Acrobatics & Manuel Bojén

During spring 2014 I was teaching children in acrobatics in many different school projects around Sollefteå, it was a fun and educational time.

Last year, I also spent a lot of time being a father to my amazing and acrobatic little daughter.

During the summer I decided that I wanted, and needed to focus more on my main discipline as circus artist, aerial-acrobatics with rope, and to focus more on my artistic career.

In fall 2014 I applied and attended the circus program: Artistic development within the circus discipline 1. at the Dance and Circus University in Stockholm.

Because of this I didn’t have the time to teach any circus courses this fall and I will not for a while, since I plan to continue educating myself the following years at the Circus University in Stockholm. Happy new year everybody! Manuel