2015 -2017

From 2017 we will only update the Swedish calendar on the website, since our art and teaching will only be in Sweden these years. If you want more information in English please send us an e-mail on dance@earthheart.se and we will answer your questions!
Åsa Rockberg

2014 Earthheart Dance & Åsa Rockberg

During 2014 my biggest task was to support my daughter Sunna’s discoveries of her self, her body, her trust and her life power. That has made me happier and calmer for every day.

Except that I worked with the Wisdom of the Body in some different Conferences and groups of the Swedish Church and started to teach leaders of the Swedish Church in ”Body and Movement in the Church service”. Very exciting and important!

Earthheart Dance & Instructor Program and Children’s activities are resting for the moment, but during 2015 some Open Courses for adults will be held in Sweden. Courses for you who want to develop your Body Wisdom or/and explore the Earthheart training concepts.

I will continue to rejoice life with Sunna a big part of my time so will work halftime this year as well. I continue to explore the natural body language with help from horses and this summer I will go to Denmark to experience my 50-year gift; an introduction in Dancing with horses’ natural grace and power! www.hempfling.com

50-years article in Swedish: www.allehanda.se/slakt-o-vanner/fira-o-uppmarksamma/dansen-ger-asa-livskraft-1

In Denmark I will also celebrate the 75th Day and the Lifework of my proud teacher Brita Haugen with a performance.

Life in the small makes Life bigger!

2014 Earthheart Acrobatics & Manuel Bojén

During spring 2014 I was teaching children in acrobatics in many different school projects around Sollefteå, it was a fun and educational time.

Last year, I also spent a lot of time being a father to my amazing and acrobatic little daughter.

During the summer I decided that I wanted, and needed to focus more on my main discipline as circus artist, aerial-acrobatics with rope, and to focus more on my artistic career.

In fall 2014 I applied and attended the circus program: Artistic development within the circus discipline 1. at the Dance and Circus University in Stockholm.

Because of this I didn’t have the time to teach any circus courses this fall and I will not for a while, since I plan to continue educating myself the following years at the Circus University in Stockholm. Happy new year everybody! Manuel


During 2014 we will only update the Swedish calendar on the website, since our art and teaching will be in Sweden this year.
If you want more information in English please send us an e-mail on dance@earthheart.se and we will answer your questions!
Åsa & Manuel


2013 was a year filled in so many ways with our daughter coming to our family – Sunna. Outside of that Earthheart Event’s Manuel danced through many event with his powerful and sensual fire, aerial- and dance acrobatics. Kids also continued to develop their acrobatic- and experssion skills with him!
Earthheart Dance’s Åsa continued to deepen her cooperation with the Swedish Church; she touched many peoples hearts with her dance and teaching in different areas of Sweden. In 2014 there is a new education starting in the Church head office in Stockholm, led by Åsa, to give body, movement and the whole person more value and space in the Church Services.

All the time we keep dancing with Nature and our own Hearts. Looking forward to meet You there!


The biggest miracle ever has now happened in Earthheart Center. The daughter of the Sun, Sunna 3 years, came home with us from Lithuania on The Summer Solstice.

She dances as a laughing summer wind, sings through the day, climbs with big power and immerses with the river, the rain, the earth and the Sun.

We are in big Love, we learn to stay in presence and to explore vulnerability, trust and safety more deeply.

Earthheart Center continues as before but with bigger care about what is most important in life!
We’ll meet. Love / Åsa & Manuel



During 2012 many parishes in Sweden have invited the language of dance by Åsa Rockberg in their church services. A new service called ”Church, you are my body!” was created by Åsa and finally she accompanied a former student who danced her love, loss and farewell to her father in his funeral.

The film project Sealskin has taken another big step with shootings in Swedish water landscape. The cooperation between Nature, the Latvian singer Zane Smite and Åsa Rockberg has deepened and in the Urkult festival course 66 people came to dance their own inner nature!

The acrobatic teaching of Manuel Bojén has made many children happy and Earthheart Event with Manuel’s fascinating Fire dance and Arial acrobatics is growing!

Earthheart Event showreel