2014 Earthheart Dance & Åsa Rockberg

During 2014 my biggest task was to support my daughter Sunna’s discoveries of her self, her body, her trust and her life power. That has made me happier and calmer for every day.

Except that I worked with the Wisdom of the Body in some different Conferences and groups of the Swedish Church and started to teach leaders of the Swedish Church in ”Body and Movement in the Church service”. Very exciting and important!

Earthheart Dance & Instructor Program and Children’s activities are resting for the moment, but during 2015 some Open Courses for adults will be held in Sweden. Courses for you who want to develop your Body Wisdom or/and explore the Earthheart training concepts.

I will continue to rejoice life with Sunna a big part of my time so will work halftime this year as well. I continue to explore the natural body language with help from horses and this summer I will go to Denmark to experience my 50-year gift; an introduction in Dancing with horses’ natural grace and power! www.hempfling.com

50-years article in Swedish: www.allehanda.se/slakt-o-vanner/fira-o-uppmarksamma/dansen-ger-asa-livskraft-1

In Denmark I will also celebrate the 75th Day and the Lifework of my proud teacher Brita Haugen with a performance.

Life in the small makes Life bigger!