Earthheart Center in Germany

Åsa found Yggdrasil in Germany!
The tree of life – The World in the old Nordic Mythology. A big, big tree with roots all the way down to the Heart of the Earth where all our roots meet. A fantastic course by the Baltic Sea. A weekend filled with happiness and proudness with Grundstein Neu Kirchen (Foundation stone The New Church) as host. Assistants and translator was Susann Rhode and Manuel Bojén who do their Earthheart leader practice. We will soon be back in Germany!

Grundstein Neu Kirchen will continue to arrange Earthheart courses.
Coming dates are:
Autumn course 5-7 October 2012
Summer course 28-30 June 2013
Autumn course 13-15 September 2013

An Earthheart Dance & Instructor Program is planned to start at Neukirchen, Germany in the future. After having attended two or three separate Earthheart courses you may apply to the Program! For more information contact Earthheart Center or