Åsa Rockberg’s interests are like a string of pearls with a common theme throughout her life, from the outdoors to disco, adventure, organic farming, equestrian training, activism in support of indigenous cultures, working for the environment, for peace, teaching children, body work, physical therapy, emotional communication, folk dancing, ritual dancing, dances from cultures worldwide, and ever more dancing. In 1989 Åsa made a conscious decision to engage with people, their bodies, their movement and wellbeing.

In 1990 she lost her new-born child, Amanda, and experienced a profound sorrow which gave rise to her knowledge of the importance of body-work when treating traumatic incidents and furthering personal development. She discovered how to create healing performances based on real life experiences and emotions. From then on the Earthheart concept has developed through different experiences and trainings.

In 1991 Åsa started to develop a training model for adults and in 1998 Earthheart held its first performance. Her teaching and artistic endeavours encompassed an increasingly wider age group with more diverse interests and in 2007 she had formed the current concept which she now promotes and trains others to teach. Now Earthheart consists of several dancers, teachers and choreographers, and the concept has widened so that it can be used in several other art forms and different aspects of today’s society.