Church Programs

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Circle of Life

A dance church service about gratitude for life and the courage to grieve. Created from personal experience of how loss and grief can be turned into a deepened joy and exuberance for life. A story that touches deeply, gives hope and the strength to carry on living.

” Tears are not grief
Tears are the healing of grief
Tears are melting icebergs”

Choreography, dance, song & reflection: Åsa Rockberg
Length:  45 min

A following dialogue and 15 minute long movement session with the audience can be included. Follow-up dance workshops are offered.

”In the Circle of life I experience a performance that is deeply moving. There the sorrow is as heavy as gravity and the happiness is as light as the dance of a butterfly. I am deeply moved by both.” (Christina Schenning, Minister Ansgarsliden Sigtuna)

It is fun to discover how much it is appreciated when we try different approaches in the church and to see all the new visitors in the sanctuary.” (Per-Jonas Odelberg, Minister Långsele, Graninge & Helgum)


Mary Magdalene ~ a role model

Who was and who is Mary Magdalene?
A whore? A virgin? Jesus’ closest disciple?
The woman who is all-knowing?
A human being…
A dance drama which takes you on a journey into your own inner emotional worldand into history, experienced from a human perspective.

”Rise up Woman
You are clean Woman
You are free from guilt my daughter”

Script, choreography, dance, song & drama: Åsa Rockberg
Length: 1 hour and 15 min

A following dialogue and 15 minute long movement session with the audience can be included. Information material and reflective questions for young people are available. Follow-up dance workshops are offered.

”A strong performance about female and human growth from a historical perspective, yet so current and alive that it touches every cell in your body. I was filled with hope and love and will never forget this performance.” (Annika Sundbom Åström, Leadership trainer Human Dignity)

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Dance in church services

Heartfelt dances, poems, songs and reflections from the depth of our emotional lives, performed as short elements in various programs and services.
Length: 10-30 min
The contents in every Dance poetry program is tailored to need.
Choreography, dance, song, recitation & reflection: Åsa Rockberg

Examples of themes
About Love & Reconciliation
About Death & Life
About Grief & Joy
About Woman

The performance on Life and Death on All Saints’ Day was tremendously powerful. The dance itself expressed those emotions for which the worshipers cannot always find words. Åsa’s dance brought solace and opened a path to hope beyond time, as well as in the moment.”
(Clary Götesson, Rector in the parish of Östersund)

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