Festival repertoire

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Spirits of Nature
Meet the spirits and magical creatures who inhabit the Scandinavian forests. Experience the forces of nature, its softness, its temptations and dangers and its interaction with human nature.

A performance in two acts. Each act can also be performed separately and/or the magical creatures can give your event one or two short visits…Length: Approximately 40 min/act
Choreography, Dance, Song & Storytelling: Åsa Rockberg

Mistress of the wood and the Lake
She who rules over nature, she who reaps and who bestows great gifts…

The Trolls can lure us into the dark depths of the mountain and we must devise ways to outwit them in order to come out again.

”A splendid performance. Åsa was the perfect highlight in our program.She has the power of fascination.”
(Brian Dougherty, Director State of Mississippi European Office, London, United Kingdom)
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