Certified Earthheart Dancers and Instructors in Sweden

Minna Laaksonen is an Earthheart Dance instructor and dancer. She is also a Bachelor of Social Science, a Health Educator, Mindfulness leader and Grief Counsellor. Minna has been teaching body motion, relaxation and dance for many years. She is also a dancer and choreographer in the dance company as-Sayf – Egyptian Dance and works as a Health Educator in Stockholm.
Contact: minna_laaksonen@hotmail.com



TinaJohanna Mortensen is a physical therapist and an Earthheart dancer and instructor. TinaJohanna lives and operates as a dancer, teacher and physical therapist in Gothenburg.
Contact: tinajohanna.mortensen@gmail.com +46(0)70-464 18 01



Laurel Wakeman is an Earthheart dancer, instructor and percussionist with a Bachelor of Science in environmental technique, living in Uppsala. With long experience in teaching and performing West African dance, djembe and Earthheart Dance she is now offering workshops in her different skills. She also offers her Earthheart performance “Life”.
Contact: laurel.wakeman@earthheart.se +46(0)73 826 99 80