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Solo Productions Åsa Rockberg
Duo productions
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Earthheart Dance & Instructor Program
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Solo productions Åsa Rockberg
Ӂsas dance is of great importance. It spreads love.
She liberates the uniqueness in each human being and helps us embody the collective human drama. And in her performances she shows us the vulnerability of nature and appeals to us: Belong! This sounds like grounds for a prize! She is worth one.”
(Anna-Lena Asplund, Teacher)

Mary Magdalene – a role model
”Amazing! Åsa really achieves a theological depth in her performance.”
(Nils-Erik Nilsson, Lutheran Minister Sollefteå)

”A strong performance about female and human growth from a historical perspective, yet so current and alive that it touches every cell in your body. I was filled with hope and love and will never forget this performance.”
(Annika Sundbom Åström, Leadership trainer Human Dignity)

“The weave of song, dance, voice and music creates a beautiful work of art, I would actually rather call it a church service than a dance performance.”
(Lars Parkman, Dioces minister Härnösand dioces)

“In the middle of the performance, when Mary Magdalene arose from her powerlessness, my back went “click” and I finally healed after 20 years of trying to deal with an old back injury.”
(Laurel Wakeman, Environmental inspector)

Circle of Life
It is fun to discover how much it is appreciated when we try different approaches in the church and to see all the new visitors in the sanctuary.”
(Per-Jonas Odelberg, Minister Långsele, Graninge & Helgum)

”In the Circle of life I experience a performance that is deeply moving. There the sorrow is as heavy as gravity and the happiness is as light as the dance of a butterfly. I am deeply moved by both.”
(Christina Schenning, Minister Ansgarsliden Sigtuna)

“Seeing Åsa dance is quite an experience. She is a heart centred dancer and one hundred percent present. I am happy to allow myself to be moved by the joy and the sadness that she evokes.”
(Tonny Molander, Rosen Practitioner)

Dance Poetry
“The performance on Life and Death on All Saints’ Day was tremendously powerful. The dance itself expressed those emotions for which the worshipers cannot always find words. Åsa’s dance brought solace and opened a path to hope beyond time, as well as in the moment.”
(Clary Götesson, Rector in the parish of Östersund)

”Incredibly strong, it went straight to the heart. The whole program felt so genuine and loving. Åsa truly has the gift of being able to move people with her loving radiance!”
(Åsa Rudehill, Yoga & Meditation instructor)

Spirits of Nature
“Åsa took the audience through all feelings; fear, anger, sorrow, compassion, freedom and happiness. She gave them a wonderful experience, a gift.”
(Mark McCrary, Director Madison County Cultural Centre, Mississippi USA)

”A splendid performance. Åsa was the perfect highlight in our program. She has the power of fascination.”
(Brian Dougherty, Director State of Mississippi European Office, London, United Kingdom)

“The performance was awesome and powerful. I was moved and taken to another world. I want to see more of this!”
(Mark Szulgit, Ice Hotel AB, Jukkasjärvi)

Breaking through the barriers
“Seeing Åsa dance was a completely enthralling experience, though mentally totally relaxing. I have never seen anything so moving.”
(Olle Bäckman, Course Administrator, Nordmaling)


Duo productions
Áilloš & Åsa – Yoik & Body Yoik
”I saw them at Urkult in 09, it was MAGICAL. The tears were flowing, fantastic.”
(Spectator, the Urkult festival)

”This performance rocks! All preconceptions about yoik are blown away!”
(Sundsvall newspaper)

“Åsa’s dance shows the vulnerability of nature and pleads with us: Belong!!”
(Anna-Lena Asplund, Teacher)

Yoik & Body Yoik Workshop
”There was this one strong feeling that came up during the Yoik workshops: WE ARE NATURE! We are what we dance and what we sing. When we yoik the spring, we are fresh and clear, when we body-yoik the crane, we are elegant and proud. How overwhelming, being a human, able to connect with everything around soo deeply… And it was just magic when the yoik and the body-yoik workshops came together in a performance!”
(Frank Voigt, Wood artist Germany)

Åsa & Manuel ~ Dance & Acrobatics – I Love You
“A beautiful performance with loving and strong interaction…towards the end I felt so much loving power, courage and happiness inside.”
(Åsa Rudehill, Yoga- & Meditation Teacher)

Åsa & Ann – Dance & Storytelling 1999-2002
“…It was thrilling when Ann Järneström and Åsa Rockberg with their storytelling and dancing depicted folk tales from Ångermanland.”
(Tidningen Ångermanland, Luleå)

Cast productions – Choreographer: Åsa Rockberg
“I was impressed by the power and the creativity that emanated from the dancers, both artistically and in the way that they conveyed their message – I felt it…

This honest and straightforward creation was an experience incomparable to anything I have ever experienced before. Elementa’s dancing is part of a global culture – a window through which one senses the world.”
(Göran Sjögren, Producer, Västernorrland Music Association)

“This is a mystery! Åsa has created something unique, touching the very essence. It is innovative. This must continue!”
(Sanne Bødskov, Actor & Singer, Denmark)

“I saw my own life being played out on stage. When my mother and I had seen the performance together, she had a much better understanding of where I was at. The dance conveyed stuff that I have not been able to express. Now it’s much easier to talk to her about what’s going on in my life.”
(Karin Wedal, 17 years old, Student)

“I still feel happy when I think back on the performance I saw several days ago. The story went straight to my heart, and I laughed and cried all the way through. I hear many people say they would like to see it again. I, for one, would gladly do so!
(Catarina Söderqvist, Project Manager, Local Business Office, Sollefteå)

“These dancers are committed to 110%!”
(Tommy Lindh, Cultural Administrator)

“Together with Åsa Rockberg the young dancers in Elementa have managed to create an evocative, playful yet serious performance which one is easily moved by and happy with.”
(Dagbladet Nya Samhället, Sundsvall)

“Elementa’s dancing bestows colour to a grey winter’s day.”
(Tidningen Ångermanland)

In the Forest of the Crone
 “But the highlight of the evening was definitely Åsa Rockberg, who, accompanied by her dance troupes and three fire-artists performed her work ‘In the Forest of the Crone’. A magnificent performance which must have warmed the audience and certainly helped to make this a truly memorable opening ceremony.”
(Tidningen Ångermanland)

Fire Night – Opening Ceremony at the Urkult Festival 2000
“The Fire Night at Urkult was fulfilled every expectation of hauntingly vibrant magic and seduction.”
(Tidningen Ångermanland)

“It was a fantastically spectacular show!”
(Stig Garefelt, Police officer)

The Four Elements
alling Frost
“I saw Falling Frost and The Four Elements, and I cried throughout both of them. Something stirred deep within me, and that does not happen very often, Thank you, Åsa, for showing me all those hidden doors!”
(Per-Erik Karlsson, Manager, Open for Business)

The Four Seasons
“The Four Seasons was a lyrical and imaginative performance, which left everyone feeling touched. After the performance, a great many were seen swiping their tears.”
(Tidningen Ångermanland)
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Dance & Instructor Program
The Basic Training
”I have become stronger, clearer, and find it easier to set limits. An old back injury which has been troubling me every morning for over 20 years has healed completely. Several other aches and pains and physical limits have disappeared. It’s easier for me to stay centered in myself when life storms around me, which helps me in my work as a government supervisor   and in my personal relationships.”
(Laurel Wakeman, Environmental inspector)

“The program has helped me to come closer to nature in myself and for that I am eternally grateful. Earthheart has given me power to take myself seriously and from my roots a great tree soars! It is the best education I have ever attended.”
(Gun Lauri, Sociologist)

The Basic Training & The Diploma Training
”For me the program has revolutionized me as a human being. I have been given space to meet my inner nature with accepting and loving guidance. Together with others I have been affirmed in what I have encountered and in that way become more whole. The natural environment in Näsåker, Åsa and the participants have helped me to gain access to my own true self and made me so much freer! There is no doubt that Åsa’s concept is contributing to a better world.
(Minna Laaksonen, Health instructor)

In-house Training at the Workplace
1 year Body Competence Leadership Training
“The training opened up new paths for me, both in my professional life and for me personally. Besides being more aware of the relationship between body and mind when I teach, I also run “Feel Good” courses for students and staff at my school. And my work is much appreciated!”
(Agneta Ekman, Sports Instructor)

”It was very inspiring to see how Åsa lead the group.”
(Barbro Dahlbom-Hall, executive management trainer/Author)

“For me personally, Åsa’s work as an instructor has been exciting and evocative and brought about a more positive attitude to life.”
(Anette Söderström, Facilitator, Utvecklingsenheten Kramfors Health Authority)

Preventive Medicine/Human Resource Development – Health care for personnel
”I don´t like to dance but this was OK.”

“I was strengthened in my basic understanding of myself.”
(Activity center Sollefteå)

”Better than I thought. Good for my sore back. Freeing up the body.”

”Up-to-date subject matter – health. Feels good to move. Good to be active ourselves. A good reminder of how we sit, stand, walk move etc.”
Hola Community College)

 Narrative Technique
”The course gave me joy and strength and a feeling that I was important. Every time you get a chance to do these kind of exercises you grow a little bit in your self-confidence.”

“I have learned to unwind and to use body language when I talk in front of an audience.”
(Health care union Västernorrland, union representative)

Weekend Courses
”The Earthheart Courses have given me a lot of joy, energy and liberation. I have overcome grief, fear of heights and extended my boundaries through the dance. I have also experienced deep connection with people and gotten a deeper understanding for different aspects of human life, that it is possible to transform difficult things together in the group, without using too many words… I have developed greater awe and respect for the earth which we all are a part of and a stronger contact with my inner child. Incredibly beautiful – like a dream that comes true.”
(Anne Kristin Natland, Teacher )

“Åsa is a terrific guide on a great adventure. Her courses are so much fun, even in the midst of dealing with the hard stuff! Her natural talent for boisterous playfulness is a wonderful tool to disarm even the most stubborn defense.”
(Laurel Wakeman, Environmental inspector)

“My self-confidence has improved considerably since I attended these courses. Now I dare acknowledge my femininity, and I have regained my faith in a common purpose. During this course I have made contact with my own strength and creativity, and I have discovered what it is I am meant to be doing.”
(Marina Thingvall, Aesthetical Consultant)

Yoik & Body Yoik Workshop
”There was this one strong feeling that came up during the Yoik workshops: WE ARE NATURE! We are what we dance and what we sing. When we yoik the spring, we are fresh and clear, when we body-yoik the crane, we are elegant and proud. How overwhelming, being a human, able to connect with everything around soo deeply… And it was just magic when the yoik and the body-yoik workshops came together in a performance!”
(Frank Voigt, Wood artist Germany)

Projects for Youth
“Since I started in the dance group I have stopped drinking alcohol and running around town. Now I get the experiences I sought then from dancing and from the group instead.”
(Participant in a girls group)

“I started in the dance group half a year ago and during this short period I have gotten much better self-confidence and I am much more hopeful. Both the group and its leader have given me the strength to do things that I wouldn’t have had the courage to do otherwise.”
(Johanna Henriksson, participant in a girls group)

“Dancing with Åsa is a way for me to work with my feelings and allow them into my life, whatever they are. Dancing helps me understand my own merit and feel happy with who I am.”
(Ida Sundin, Participant girls dance group)

“This is where I can let go of all the ‘musts’, all the demands. I am allowed to be the way I feel and am given the chance to express stuff that’s inside me, to create dance out of my innermost feelings. This helps me to develop and become a stronger human being.”
(Participant girls dance group)

“This form of dance has made me discover and show more of who I am. With every breath I am growing and becoming stronger. At times, when dancing, I have had that delicious feeling that nothing can stop me, that I can do anything! I have had a taste of my strength.”
(Åsa Rudehill, Participant girls dance group)

“It was our last performance, and we were so well-timed. Then we stepped out and bowed, and the applause was tremendous. I wanted to stand there forever, feeling proud, happy and safe with my friends. We had such fun! All our dreams come true. The group was stronger than ever, and our feelings just poured out. Isn’t it wonderful what we young women can achieve?”
(Beatrice Nilsson, Participant girls dance group)

Projects for Children
”I remember how Åsa took the children through a wonderful creative experience and they never knew that they were being taught to dance… Åsa gave them a gift of creative freedom!”
Mark McCrary, Director Madison County Cultural Centre, Mississippi USA)