Earthheart Dance

Earthheart Dance is a method that utilizes knowledge of body and self as well as with communication and the creative force in each individual. The method aims at strengthening a person’s confidence, cooperative faculty and creativity. These are universal basic requirements for a healthy existence, age and other interests notwithstanding. When people are content and believe in themselves, they can communicate their truth and become creative instead of being destructive, which results in wellbeing, a sense of belonging and peace in their own lives as well as on Earth.

Earthheart Dance springs from Åsa Rockberg’s wide experience and knowledge of Body Therapy and Dance. Åsa has studied ethnic dancing, ritual dancing, improvisation, body awareness and personal development with teachers from different continents since 1987. She is a certified instructor of Essential Motion, a method of movement developed by the American dance therapist Karen Roeper, who furthermore is a senior teacher of Rosen Method Bodywork. Åsa has trained as a Storyteller and Ritual Dance Leader with actress, dancer and theologian Brita Haugen in Denmark. Åsa has also studied Rosen Method Bodywork and Gestalt Therapy. A synthesis of these methods has shaped Åsa’s unique artistic and educational concept. Åsa works as a dancer, choreographer and educator at Earthheart Center and also tours with Earthheart’s innovative performances and workshops worldwide.

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