Dance & Instructor Program

In 2007 Åsa Rockberg launched a complete program for Earthheart Dancers and Dance Instructors. By using inner dance, immersion in nature, group dynamics and the transforming power of narrative dancing, she has, with her keen eye and strong personal presence, guided many people towards deep inner healing and finding their unique life path.

The training aims at transmitting knowledge in the following areas:
– The significance of body-knowledge as regards to our self-knowledge, our health and our relationship with the world around us.
– The meaning of creative learning and development processes as regards to our growth as human beings.
– The ability of authentic expression to engage other people and inspire hope in them.
– The importance of protecting our true nature and in doing so protecting all life around us.

Knowledge in these areas is a basic requirement in order to gain a greater quality of life, prosperity andserenity in all areas of human existence.

Who Do We Teach?
– Those who for their own sake wish to gain a deeper self-awareness, improve their self-esteem and achieve a higher quality of life.
– Those who wish to improve and develop their creativity and life-choices.
– Those who wish to develop themselves and their leadership qualities within the framework of their current profession.
– Those who wish to teach or treat people professionally using the healing power of dance and movement.
– Those who wish to work creatively in the performing arts based on their own authentic expression.
– Those who wish to use an organic dance form when teaching in the field of performing arts.

Schedule and Contents
The program is comprised of two parts, a Basic Training and a Diploma Training followed by an internship. Both courses use distant learning. The Basic Training consists of 40 days of training divided into 4 sessions per annum, one for each season for 2 years. The diploma Training consists of 25 days divided into 5 mentoring meetings over a period of 18 months. In between the meetings there are tasks to be completed at home.

Earthheart Dance & Instructor Program gives you the ability to use a perceptive and dynamic leadership method when guiding yourself and others.
The Basic Training provides you with the tools you need for your self-development, your life-choices and your unique situation personally and professionally. In the Basic Training we work with our inner leadership and guided life coaching. The course enables you to develop your own special skills and dreams and lets you construct an individual creative body of work using your own expression. In between the meetings you will be studying and using exercises. The Basic Training can be used as a comprehensive course on its own or as a preliminary to The Diploma Training.

The Diploma Training aims at making you a professional Earthheart Dancer and Instructor. In the Diploma Training we focus on the outer expression of leadership in order to enable you to transfer the knowledge and skills that you attained in the Basic Training to others. In between the mentoring sessions you will be attending an internship where you will use your artistic and teaching skills. The Diploma Training is concluded with a professionally stage production.

The training is held in Swedish or English and can be translated into other languages. After having attended three separate Earthheart courses you may apply to our Dance & Instructor Program.