Weekend & One Week Courses in Earthheart Dance

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Our weekend and one week courses open the doors to your inner strength and sensitivity and enable you to refresh your worldview. By using inner dance, immersion in nature, group dynamics and the transforming power of narrative dancing, you will reach deep down in to your own mind and communicate with the innate wisdom and knowledge held by your body. We guide you to the empowerment you need in order to grow as a person.
Weekend and one week courses for adults age 18 and above are offered all over Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia as well as in other countries. The courses are held in Swedish or English and can be translated into other languages.

Instructor: Åsa Rockberg and other Certified Earthheart Instructors.
Curriculum: Relaxation, body awareness, inner, ritual and creative dancing, group dynamic exercises, sharing, reflection and immersion in nature.
After having attended three separate Earthheart courses you may apply to our Dance & Instructor Program.

”The Earthheart Courses have given me a lot of joy, energy and liberation. I have overcome grief, fear of heights and extended my boundaries through the dance. I have also experienced deep connection with people and gotten a deeper understanding of that it is possible to transform difficult things without using too many words… I have developed greater awe and respect for the earth and a stronger contact with my inner child.”
(Anne Kristin Natland, Teacher )
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