Projects for Children & Youth

Earthheart Dance for Children
Courses in dance, rhythm, movement and storytelling for boys and girls, also open for disabled children.

The work is focused on the children’s own natural energy of motion, inner expression, co-operation and need for togetherness. From children’s spontaneous body language, their natural desire to be in motion, and their own fantasy we create dance stories together. Each child will be given space to share his or her experiences and participate with his or her creative ability. No prior dance experience is necessary. Longer projects are completed with a show or a presentation of what we have been working with.

Course leaders: Åsa Rockberg and other Certified Earthheart Instructors and student Instructors.

”I remember how Åsa took the children through a wonderful creative experience and they never knew that they were being taught to dance… she gave them a gift of creative freedom!”
(Mark McCrary, Director Madison County Cultural Centre, Mississippi USA)


Earthheart Dance for Youth
In girl or boy groups or in mixed groups we work with the young person’s self-image, body image, sense of community and self-value at a time of life when it is important to develop the ability to go against conformity and to feel pride in one’s own special personality and body. We work with body language, relaxation, expressions of power, movement and dance. We communicate and do exercises around the students’ own important life issues. Some groups want to create a stage performance out of their own stories. Others just want to have the strengthening aspect of the group for their own sakes. The content is formed by the needs of the group.

Course leaders: Åsa Rockberg and other Certified Earthheart Instructors and student Instructors.

“Since I started in the dance group I have stopped drinking alcohol and running around town. Now I get the experiences I sought then from dancing and from the group instead.”
(Participant in a girls group)

”I started in the dance group half a year ago and during this short period I have gotten much better self-confidence and I am much more hopeful. Both the group and its leader have given me the strength to do things that I wouldn’t have had the courage to do otherwise”
(Johanna Henriksson, participant in a girls group)

For children and young people the following courses and projects are offered: Creative school projects, weekend workshops, holiday-activities, summer camps and weekly term courses. The teaching is held in Swedish or English and can be interpreted into other languages