In-house Training at the Workplace

Your Body Competence – your ability to use the body as a frame of reference and as a guide that enables you to reach your personal presence and power – is a fundamental and decisive factor for achieving quality and success in many different social and professional situations.

Your presence and awareness of self and body determine how you handle stress, how you keep in touch with your emotions and beliefs and how you communicate with the world around you. Being in touch with your Body Competence makes you lucid, clear and free to act. It helps you make choices that coincide with your beliefs and to communicate whatever it is that you wish to put forward.

Earthheart offers an extensive Leadership and Body Competence Training for professionals who wish to integrate their body wisdom with their intellectual understanding in their work, for example when treating and supporting clients.

We offer shorter courses in Preventive Medicine/Human Resource Development/Mentoring, Teambuilding and Narrative Technique to professionals of all kinds who aspire to live well, reach their full potential and become persuasive in their approach to challenges in the workplace.

The teaching and mentoring can be done individually or in groups, in Swedish or English and can also be translated into other languages.
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